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Hey…..Remember me!?

Ok, so here is a secret…..I am terrible at blogging…..I don’t have anything funny to say, and for the life of me….I couldn’t figure out how to make my blog “my style” (in other words I tried my best but I thought it was ugly) BUUUT guess what? I’m not even going to try to sound smart about this, I found templates on a friends blog to make my blog pretty….YESSSSSS!!! So….welcome…. welcome to my new beautiful surroundings…..I hope you love it, cause I am sooo happy to have some new paint on these walls. If you have ugly blog disorder and want a pretty one as well…go {HERE} Best yet…it was all FREE…..Oh….the husband loves when I get free stuff. (he actually just hates when I get expensive stuff, so free is good.  Also, perfect timing to start re-blogging because my website is down….and no one seems to know why or how to fix it (including me….iknownothingaboutmakingwebsiteswork…..

    Anyway, enough about my new beautiful surrounds….wanna know what I have been up to in the world of AB Photography? (of course, thats why you’re here…) WEDDINGS!!!! Yep….It finally happened…I started shooting weddings. I have two on my own, and so far one as a second shooter with the lovely and talented Mrs. Sara Way of Timeless Moments Photography. I love weddings…. I think that is partially because I have been in the wedding biz half my life…. (aside from dreaming about one since childhood) I worked at a bridal shop in high school, I worked as a wedding planner at a hotel after college….and lets throw in the fact that I could star in the movie 27 dresses….except for I was lucky enough to have my own wedding, which I would like to think I was a rock star at planning.

Ok enough talk. here are some pictures…..first are Becky and Mark…I was a 2nd shooter with Sara on this one…. I am so thankful they let me tag along and get some “less stress experience”

In case you didn’t know…..being a bride’s maid is hard work…..
I realized that the “departure” pictures are some of my favorites from all weddings…I really believe that THIS very moment, after the stress, after the I Do’s…..and being greeted by everyone you love, has got to be one of the happiest moments of your life.
Congratulations Mark & Becky!

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