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Reaching for the stars….like JT

This is only sort of about photography. And mostly about life.

Yesterday, this happened:

If you don’t know me, you may not know that for 14 years I have been obsessed with this man. I have no shame when it comes to Justin Timberlake. He is the end all be all as far as I am concerned. Since the summer before my 8th grade year, I have wanted to marry meet this man. (ok, lets be honest, I wanted/want to marry him, but one must walk before they can run- also, I’m already married.). Seeing him in concert 12 times was not good enough. I skipped school for front row tickets (thanks mom) I slept on sidewalks to be first in line, I paid a trajillion dollars to stay at the same hotel, hoping I’d see him in the lobby, I showed up early to concerts and stayed late. I may or may not have called his mom at home, and it’s rumored that I bake him a cake every year for his birthday, but we don’t need to get into details.  I wanted to meet this man. 
Tuesday, my hard work and dedication paid off. With the help of my very amazing husband who allowed me to continue this obsession, and who drove me to chicago to chase Justin around a golf course for 5 hours. 
All I have been thinking about is the fact that I actually met him. My number one goal in life for the past 14 years is now checked off. As silly as it seems, and keep in mind I was 12 when this started, it might be out of habit, but every blown out candle, every shooting star, every 11:11 and 4 leaf clover I wished for this moment.  And now, its done. 
Here is the thing, this post isn’t about Justin. (ok, sort of it is.) 
It made me think about goals, and life, and dreams. 
I woke up that morning thinking, this is silly, I’m 27 years old, I can not go chase a pop star around hoping to get a picture.  I made a big deal about it on Facebook, and then, I felt like an idiot. what was I doing? …..oh. thats right. I was trying to meet the goal that I have held for most of my life. 
And I did. and it was utterly amazing
Today, this happened: 
I went to work. because this is my dream job. 
Like I said, this post isn’t about Justin. Its about goals and dreams. 
I spent a good portion of my years after graduating college with regrets. I majored in Art, and I worked at a hotel.  I loved both of those things, but I didn’t feel like I was meeting any goals. 
I wanted to be a photographer. So I started practicing, afraid that wouldn’t take off, I decided I needed a “real” job. I went back to school to get my teaching certificate, even though I was told over and over there would be no art teacher jobs. 
I graduated. Even though I was put through the ringer.
I got a job as an art teacher. 
In the mean time, before teaching I fell IN LOVE with photography. I prayed that I could be successful. I prayed God would help me find my place in the world, and lead me to what I was supposed to do.
My teaching job turned out to be only one year (that was a BIG possibility) 
I got a WHOLE lot of “i’m so sorry to hear that”
here’s the thing, while I was SO grateful for that job. it was fun, but it was still a “job”
my heart, was a photographer. and I thanked God for giving me an out. 
Now. I’m a photographer. a busy one. a blessed one. 
Yesterday, I realized, my number one dream came true. Meeting Justin was unbelievable. but, so is living your dream everyday. 
and I realized, I have done that over and over and over. I no longer have regrets. Yeah so I got off to a rocky start after college, but I set my mind to a few things, and I reached those goals. I got the jobs I wanted because of hard work, I married an amazing man, and Tuesday, I met another one (haha) 
All I’m saying is don’t let anything hold you back. I hate the saying “YOLO” (you only live once) Because I think its a trendy thing for high schoolers to make excuses about being bad. 
BUT….you do only have this one life. and you should be happy. you should be doing what you want to do. 
As for me, I am SO incredibly happy. 
ps. Don’t quit your job just yet. make sure your ducks are in a row, and then go for your dreams! 
Sorry for the mush thats oozing out of this post. But, I’m overflowing. 
pps. Don’t Justin and I look REALLY good together???

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Gage | Windsor IL Senior Photographer

I have to say, Windsor is representin’ and I couldn’t be more happy! Thank you to the town of Windsor for allowing me to photograph you! 🙂
  I had fun with Gage’s session, It never surprises me the things I do for pictures, in this case, we climbed in the loft of their family barn for some fun shots, and then, there was of course Gage’s show cow….errr.. heifer. I’m learning.  Anyway, I had fun. Here are a few to share!

Up in the hay loft

the most well taken care of cow I have ever met!

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