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AB Photography – Baby Layla | Decatur IL Newborn Photographer

If there is one thing I love to photograph, its newborns. They own my heart.  I love their squishy bodies, the little white dots on their noses, and the amazing feeling I get while taking their photos. There is something magical about capturing a babies first few days of life, and the it means even more that the parents trust me for the job. This isn’t just a job to me though, its my heart.  Its like christmas morning getting the baby into the perfect pose, and setting the scene just right, being able to get the perfect image for the parents to treasure for a lifetime. So, let me introduce you to sweet baby Layla, 13 days new, and itty bitty! We had a great day during her session, and I have to say, I’m a sucker for all that newborn baby hair!

Seriously!!! that hair!!

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AB Photography – Brody S. | Decatur IL Photographer

I got to photograph Brody’s mommy and daddy when she was pregnant, so I was super excited to meet him for his 6 month session.  I have to say, the age of 6 months is one of my favorites, the babies are so happy, and and perfect…and they don’t run away.  Brody was no exception.  We did his session right before Christmas, so we had fun with some festive set ups! I can’t wait to watch this little guy grow, because we had such a great time!!

Decatur IL Photographer AB PhotographyDecatur IL Photographer Decatur IL PhotographerDecatur IL Photographer  Decatur IL Photographer

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A whole new year… Welcome 2013 | AB Photography – Decatur IL photographer


New Year… and LOTS of changes…….. Welcome to the all new website. This took some time, but it’s done, and I am so pleased. There will be a lot of changes in 2013, changes that didn’t come easily.

The first, is a secret, and I’m not telling you about it now, but, its huge- I will let you know, but not yet.

Ok the rest of these changes came in time, and experience. I have to let you know that I *LOVE* every minute of what I do, I hope you all know this, I am living my dream, and you truly allow me to do that. I plan for hours about each and every one of your sessions, I prepare mentally, and I want to make sure they are all perfect. After, I spend hours editing, adding your photos to your gallery, packaging, etc. Time well spent, but, my point is, I have been a “Yes” lady for a long time ago. I started this business in 2009, as a hobby, and I had no idea what I was doing, and I was hungry for clients. So I’d work whenever, where ever, it didn’t matter. As I got busier, I kept the same practices, and the separation of business life and personal life became a blur. So, new rules for 2013:

I will not booking any sessions on Sundays.

I will be cutting back drastically on traveling for sessions. I will still travel, but there will be a fee associated with it when it’s outside of Decatur.

*This is especially true for newborn sessions. There is A LOT of prep that goes with newborn sessions, and I *know* I can guarantee the best possible outcome for your photos if they are taken in my home studio…or possible other new location (*wink wink). As many of you know I pack a LOT of stuff for newborn sessions, in addition, the temperature has be correct, and since I use natural lighting as well- it has to be just perfect.  I  KNOW I can offer all of that in my home studio, but I’m never sure what I will find at a clients house. Once again, in home sessions are still  available, I just not highly recommended

Lastly, and this one is a tough one, after meeting with accountants, and business mentors, I have to raise my prices. When I started, I thought making cds would be the easy way to go, but that’s because I didn’t know a darn thing.  I could never continue this business if I keep doing things the way they are now. I started charging the prices I was because I had NO idea what to charge, so I made something up.

Now that I have talked to a few accountants, and I have been very very lucky to surround myself with some very successful people in this industry, I have realized why I need to make these changes. Before you go all “Oh no she didn’t!” Let me ask you a question… think of that traditional portrait studio in your town, the one that has been there for thirty years….. do you know why they have been there for thirty years? Not because they sold a $200 cd of their images.
This is real now, God opened a door, and this is my job, my dream job, but still my job. I wouldn’t have made this jump (going full time) if I still had my teaching job, even though I really really wanted to. But here I am. A full time photographer. and I don’t treat this like a hobby, I know that I have the best equipment possible, I also have back-ups in case something were to happen to that equipment, I can still continue a session, or a wedding. I have taken many, many workshops, as I will continue to do so. Simply put: I know better now. And I want better, and I want better for you. Please know, I’m not trying to buy a Lexus, just trying to pay myself an average salary.
If you know me well, you know I come from an art background. Art is my life, I have a degree in fine arts, I taught art in every form imaginable, from  actually being an art teacher in a public school, to teaching art to elderly, handicapped, fun adult workshops, and camps.  My photography is no different. This is art to me, and I want it to be for you too.
Giving you a disc of images is the furthest thing from art. Especially when I spend hours editing them and they are printed at 1 hour labs, that ruin all the editing, not hating, I’ve been there, but that is NOT how your images should be. You deserve better. You paid money for the session fee, blocked out time in your day for the photos, went shopping for clothes, and do not deserve a glossy, discolored print from Walmart.  I want you to have art on your wall. Brandon and I got our pictures taken this fall and I now have beautiful canvases on my wall from our sessions. You have my promise that all my products from here on out will be top notch, I will offer canvas groupings, custom designed albums for newborns, seniors and one year sessions, and all prints will be backed with card stock, nice yummy thick prints.
Now don’t freak out, I realize you neeeeeed those digital files. So they will still be there. Two out of three packages will include a few digital images, and the full flash drive will be available as an add on.
I hope you all understand that I am doing this because I have to. I want to keep doing this. It’s my insides. It’s what I am, and I know some great things are coming in the future. If you have any questions, please let me know, I would be happy to talk to you about it.
If you have the “grow with me” package, the price of those will not change.  As well as if you bought a gift certificate and I quoted you a price. That will also be the same.
I can’t tell you how much I have appreciate all of you, I have been at this since 2009, but it’s been since May that I have been able to do this full time, I was able to photograph 102 sessions this year, and that is just amazing to me. So, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
2012 clients, you still have a surprise coming as a small thank you!
Please take a look around at the new site, and see if you can find yourself in the galleries.


For more info on *why the prices* I am referring you to my friend Anne’s page, she said it wonderfully!

 Anne’s Blog on pricing 

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