Lexi Burlson 2017 Carlinville High School Senior | AB Photography

I’m so glad to finally be posting Lexi’s session! She is the last of our 2017 senior models, (No worries, we have more sessions in the books!) Lexi is a senior at Carlinville High School.

I just loved this girl from the moment I met her, she’s one of those true genuine people that you feel instantly comfortable with.   Lexi is such a natural at posing too, and super photogenic!
In her spare time, when she’s not working at the nursing home, she likes to catch up on Netflix  (yeesssssss!!) She also enjoys drawing, hanging out with her friends and boy friend, and baking!  (She’s a girl after my own heart!)
In the fall she will be heading of to Lewis and Clark to study nursing and hopes to eventually get her bachelors degree in FL and become a pediatric nurse.
More to come soon from Lexi and the rest of our 2017 Senior reps!


Cassie Brown Northwestern High School Class of 2017 | AB Photography

Cassie Brown…. Where do I start with this girl? I am thrilled that she is a 2017 ABP Senior rep because she slays me! She is unbelievably hard working, driven, dedicated…..and…. beautiful as you can see!
When I asked the girls to tell me a little about themselves I wasn’t expecting Cassie’s answers.  She has recently completed a CNA program and now works full time… yes you heard me FULL TIME at Carlinville Rehab and Health Care Center. Every day, she goes to school and then spends her afternoon aiding and caring for the residents at the center.  How amazing is that? When she graduates high school she plans to attend LLCC to get her nursing degree, and then SIUE for her masters as an RN.   Motivated right??
She obviously doesn’t have a lot of spare time, but she does enjoy reading, spending time with her family, rooting for the Wildcats football team. AND…. maybe a nap if there is time! 🙂

Cassie I am so proud of you, and can’t wait to see what you accomplish!

Maddison Bellm Carlinville High School 2017 Senior

I met Maddison maybe last year or the year before through our mutual friend Katie, (Hi Katie!)  and I knew right away she was an amazing person.  She’s gorgeous for one, but she also has the personality to match which is always the winning feature.  Plus, she has amazing style, it might help that she looks like a model, but she can pull off that stuff you see in magazines and wish you could wear… she totally can, and  does.
Although I had already met Maddison prior to her session, I felt like I had known her forever while I was photographing her, she’s such a warm and fun person, its easy to feel comfortable around her!

Currently she spends her time Cheering on the Cavies at CHS, but she also loves to fish on her family’s farm and hang out with friends.  After she graduates she plans on pursuing elementary education.






Danielle Class of Skinner 2017 Litchfield High School Senior

Where do I even start with Danielle??   Well for one thing I will start with saying, I don’t call her Danielle, she’s Danie to me.
I have known this kid since she was born.  I used to babysit her brother, and then she came along and It was love at first sight. She was my tiny peanut that I wanted to take everywhere.   I remember rocking her to sleep and never wanting to put her in her crib, instead I would just hold her long after she fell asleep!   This is all probably embarrassing the heck out of her, so I’ll skip to the part where she is now a gorgeous grown senior at Litchfield High School.   She loves to Cheer for the panthers, and even wants to be a photographer when she graduates (yes…. my heart is proud!)

Camryn Fones- Carlinville IL High School Senior 2017

Before I tell you about the stuff Camryn sent me for her blog post, I will tell you my first impression of her… but it might make me sound a bit like a creep… 😉
So aside from AB Photography, I also help run Epic Entertainment .  In April, we donated a Photo Booth to the post prom  at CHS this year. That night Camryn and her date came to the Photo Booth, not only were they the cutest, they were also  hilarious.  I was already planning to run this model program and thought she would be a perfect spokesmodel for AB Photography.  Fast forward to the model calls, and Camryn applied, needless to say, I was thrilled!

Camryn  is a senior at Carlinville High School, she is a cheerleader and also loves tumbling.   She’s a busy girl, because when she isn’t going to school or at practice you can find her working at First to the Finish.  After high school she plans on continuing her education to become a psychiatrist.
This fall Camryn is a candidate for the Carlinville Lions Carnival Queen. This is an absolutely shameless plug to tell you to find Camryn and buy some tickets from her! It’s for a great cause!


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